Announcements, Radio Silence, and Projects

November 7, 2011 3:49 pm by MRM in Projects

I’ve been radio silent on the internets for a bit now. Funny things happen when you try to pay attention to the world. I’ve been involved with the #REN3 blogfest pretty heavily, and now that the contest has wound down a bit (there is still voting for the best overall story happening as of this post), I’ve gotten a chance to step back and reorganize my efforts.

First things first—publishing schedule. TWDY is progressing. And Issue 3, Trial and Error, will be coming out on December 1st, as planned (no delays so far and it’s been in edit mode for weeks now). In more unexpected news, I’m going to be making a price change to the first two issues of TWDY, with Issue 1 and Issue 2 dropping to $0.99 in promotion of the release for the rest of November .

After December starts, I will re-raise Issue 2 to its standard price of $2.99 (see my earlier post on pricing). Obviously, the goal is to get people hooked on the series as easily as possible. One notice about the price change. When it goes into effect will vary depending on where you purchase it. That’s because the e-publishing machines have different speeds. I presently publish in precisely two locations, Smashwords and Kindle. You can purchase via the iBookstore or the NookStore because Smashwords distributes there. Updates to the distribution channels only happen every week or so, though, and I can’t directly manipulate the price on Nook like I can on Kindle.

I’ve also been running a little bit recently, having finished the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco a few weeks ago and the City of Oaks Half-Marathon just yesterday. For NWM, I was just running for fun with my wife and sister-in-law, so we didn’t really press the time, but I did manage a PR in the City of Oaks, finishing in 2:04. I was aiming to break two hours, so I’m a little disappointed, but I should be able to break that mark on an easier course this spring. CoO is notoriously hilly, and the Tobacco Road half is precisely the opposite. Next week I’ll be running the Outer Banks full marathon, and the week after that I’ll be doing the Skinny Turkey half on Thanksgiving day (my excuse to eat whatever I feel like later that day).

All that running has taken some toll on my writing, and what’s fallen most behind is revision of City of Magi and final preparations on my short story (that I’ve been kicking myself to get out the door for months now). I’ll keep you posted on the progress of both here.

One last announcement: Though I’ve had the cover up for quite some time, the first issue of Joyriders is going to be delayed. I’ve just had too many things on my plate to also edit that first issue, and I’m committed to producing TWDY at a regular pace while keeping up my other current projects. It’ll likely end up a delay of a few months, as I get most of the editing for City of Magi complete and ship my short story.


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  1. Li @ Flash fiction November 7, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Thank you for participating in #REN3 :-) It did take up a lot of time, and I’ve been MIA from everything else as well. I hope to take a break from the internet and get back to writing next month – much as I love blogging and such, I’m looking forward to a break.

    Congrats on your running!!

  2. MRM January 10, 2012 at 8:16 am

    This is a test comment.

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