Blog Changes and a Brand New Year

January 4, 2013 9:55 pm by MRM in Code, Projects, Writing

A belated happy new year to one and all. It’s been a slow few months on the blog, so I’ll start by catching you up to speed on what’s been going on, writing-wise.

  1. Blackout is still under review by a small publisher. I should be hearing back in about a month, so I’m eagerly counting the days until the awesome/heartbreaking conclusion of that escapade.
  2. City of Magi – Volume 1 is soon to be entered into another pitch contest (Pitch Wars), this time with the help of the lovely and talented Rebecca Ann Weston, who is my mentor for the contest. She was kind enough to select CoM from the pile to be one of her alternates for the PW contest, so I’ve been editing the manuscript like mad to get things ready for CoM’s big debut.
  3. You may have noticed that I said Volume 1 in that last item. I have (very sadly) broken down and allowed City of Magi to be chopped in two. I still think it works better as one book, but I also really want to get published. Until I have dozens of books out there from professional publishers, there’s no chance of a first book being published at 250k words.
  4. TWDY 5 is ready and being edited. It’s actually been complete for months now, but time to edit has been scarce due to the holidays, a job change, and working on other projects.
  5. One of those projects taking time away from TWDY was Nightlives, my NaNoWriMo project (A winner! I even have the badge to prove it!) that turned out to be a lot of fun and definitely worth polishing to publish.

I mentioned some non-writing things that were exciting news too. In particular, I left my old job at Boeing and am now an Android Developer for ReverbNation in Durham, NC. They’re a really cool music industry tech firm that makes tools to help artists, promoters, venues, and everyone involved in the music industry. Their site is a great way to discover new music and find out about bands and shows near you. You can also embed songs on your own site, like this:



It’s a pretty cool place to work. We actually had a band (Delta Rae, very much worth checking out) in the office just the other week. All in all, it’s a pretty sweet gig. Changing from working at home to being a regular commuter (45 minutes… sigh) has drained a lot of time from my day that used to be spent writing, so I’ve had to get creative as to how to find time to keep moving with my projects. Not sure how I would have done NaNoWriMo if I hadn’t worked from home.

Outside of going blog-crazy for contests, though, I’ve been neglecting this site. Quite often I’ll think of things I want to sit down and write about, but it doesn’t seem all that related to writing, so I’ll avoid putting it on here. And that’s what’s going to change. I simply don’t spend enough of my bandwidth thinking exclusively about writing these days to maintain a blog solely devoted to my literary work. I do, however, spend a lot of time thinking about consumer electronics and software. I also do a lot of writing about politics, but for the time being I’ll avoid putting that here, as it has nothing to do with my books and has a higher likelihood of offending the occasional reader than does a rant about bad UI design. So, expect a fair number of posts in the coming months about techy things, along with more posts about stories and character development.

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