Crashing the Party

Crashing the Party

Cover: Joyriders Issue 1 - Crashing the Party
Joyriders Issue 1 – Crashing the Party

Malloy Armitage never wanted to play hooky. He’d never sneak out for a few days on Vegas Prime the week before finals. Remy Marrin knew Malloy better than anyone; they had been best friends for years, against all odds. Remy knew Malloy would never get out to have the fun time he deserved, so he didn’t exactly tell his studious friend about the sleeping pills in his decaf coffee. He didn’t tell Malloy that he was planning on “borrowing” his dad’s newest ship for a little R&R either; the details would just trouble him. Remy knew Malloy; he’d be thankful later.

Unfortunately for Remy, he wasn’t the only one planning to borrow his dad’s latest ride, and when you’re jumping across the galaxy, confusion is a very bad thing.

Join Remy and Malloy for the joyride of a lifetime. Availability date TBA.

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