Those Who Die Young Compendium 1: Pariahs

Those Who Die Young Compendium 1: Pariahs

Compendium 1: Pariahs

The first five volumes, available now on Kindle


Her entire life, Erica has been despised for her father’s sins. Lear Tanner is an oddity among wizards of the Collegium, having chosen to age to adulthood, trying to understand the real world and getting maimed for his efforts. The two exiles meet on a lonely road and release history’s most notorious criminal, and only they can pick up the pieces.

As the world around them falls apart in a shower of betrayal, conspiracies, and violence, Erica has to learn to trust again, and Lear has to learn to control himself if they want to survive long enough to put the pieces back together in the land of Those Who Die Young.

Compendium I: Pariahs includes Shelter From the Storm, Bearers of Bad News, Trial and Error, Blood Money, and the never-before-released fifth issue, The Sanguine Revolution. Available now on Kindle, including Kindle Select (free for Amazon Prime members).


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